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Fri May 5 2017

New Photography For Morsø

Morsø Fire Pot

Morsø Jiko Barbeque

Shooting for a client such as Morsø involves a lot of preparation, and finding the right location is fundamental – especially when you’re shooting products that can weigh over 100 kilos! It’s important to source locations that have a large ground floor area – something that most London locations just don’t have.

So, last April we decamped to the glorious Cambridgeshire countryside to shoot several of Morsø’s indoor stoves in a stunning former monastery, incorporating some exciting new products from their Living collection too – the Jiko Barbeque and the Grill 17 Table.

Working alongside former Living Etc and Sunday Times stylist and all-round design genius Lucy Gough, we came up with a brief for the day, shooting 9 different products both inside and out – referencing a multitude of new and emerging trends.

Thanks to some photography wizardry by way of long-time Hillgate and Morsø collaborator Graeme Ainscough, the end results look fantastic and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Sneak a peek at a couple of our new shots above and keep your eyes peeled for some more exquisite photography from the stove and outdoor living experts.

Lorcan O'Donoghue