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Wed Jun 7 2017

Photo London 2017

Described by The Guardian as the ‘UK photography event of the year’, this year’s Photo London at the idyllic setting of Somerset House certainly did not disappoint.

Created with the aim of giving London an international photography event befitting the city’s status as a global cultural capital; photographers, curators and dealers from around the world joined together to create a stunning exhibition. Made up of an eclectic mix of impressive styles, Photo London also aimed to illustrate the various components that combine to make the perfect photo.

As an agency that often manages creative photo shoots and works closely with stylists and photographers, it was fascinating to see how different contemporary photographers play with light and form to capture astounding and thought-provoking imagery.

Particular highlights for us included:

- Michal Macku, an international artist from the Czech Republic who uses a technique of his own invention called Gellage which consists of the tearing of the emulsion of gelatine from the film during printing. This new technique helps him reach three-dimensionality in analogic photography, making for an unusual but visually intriguing style.

- William Klein, famous for his unusual techniques in photojournalism, stole the show with this black and white images of New York. Playing with a monochromatic palette and geometric forms, he captures the people and places of this fast-moving city with ease.

- Mario Macilau is a relatively new photographer but his work, focusing on street children in Mozambique, is both harrowing and beautiful. His attention to detail and his desire to capture the spirit of the people and heart of the place he’s shooting made for an unmissable installation.

Other favourites included Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Garry Fabien-Miller, Cedric Christie and Niloufar Banisadr to name but a few.

Susie Briant