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Fri Aug 25 2017

Schott Ceran at London Design Fair 2017

World-renowned kitchen innovators SCHOTT CERAN® will be debuting new designs at the 2017 London Design Fair this September – the first time the brand has exhibited within the UK.

With an impressive stand centred around the 'Kitchen of the Future', SCHOTT CERAN®'s debut at the London Design Fair will coincide with the launch of a brand new addition to the SCHOTT CERAN® family of products.

CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktops have long been the must-have products for clean and contemporary kitchens – the perfect pairing of the aesthetic and the technical. Their black glass-ceramic cooktop portfolio now comes with a groundbreaking new feature - the first and only scratch-resistant coating: CERAN® Miradur. This brand-new innovation increases the scratch-resistance of the cooktop by a factor of 6 (under normal use) – changing the way we use our kitchens and making our kitchen surfaces – and therefore spaces - more multifunctional than ever before.

As illumination, connectivity and smart displays find their way into modern kitchens and homes in the years to come, there becomes a need to offer a new glass-ceramic cooktop that offers better light transmission than standard black materials. SCHOTT CERAN®’s product solution is CERAN CLEARTRANS® - a transparent glass-ceramic coated with eye-catching colours on the underside.

As well as exploring innovative new ideas for cooktops and kitchen spaces at this year's fair, SCHOTT CERAN® will also be presenting the winning concepts from their 2017 CERAN® Design Award, where entrants from all over the world have interpreted the space under, over and around the glass-ceramic cooktop.

A gallery of the winning design concepts - as well as the prototype of SCHOTT CERAN®'s FUSICS table - will be presented at the London Design Fair for the first time, alongside the brand's eye-catching new products.

Guests to the stand will experience the kitchen of the future, with COOKING FUSICS – focusing on the key elements of Functionality, Urbanism, Sustainability, Illumination, Connectivity and Social Experience – at it's very heart.

Lorcan O'Donoghue