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Tue Feb 20 2018

The Fresh New Look of Kersaint Cobb

New Kersaint Cobb Website

New Kersaint Cobb Imagery

New Kersaint Cobb Imagery

New Kersaint Cobb Imagery

New Kersaint Cobb Imagery

We are excited to announce the rebrand of flooring expert Kersaint Cobb.

As a market leader, the brand offers a wide variety of floorcoverings that combine design innovation with quality natural materials. The hills of New Zealand, the beaches of India, the forests of Asia, the deserts of Africa and South America; these are just some of the places where the story of Kersaint Cobb’s beautiful natural floorcovering range begins.

The design team have been busy over the past 12 months planning and delivering a comprehensive brand refresh, including a new logo, website design, brand colour palette, point of sale and a premium catalogue with over 100 pages of new lifestyle imagery and products.

The brand maxim, ‘Be a shade braver’, is reflected in all areas of branding. The new logo is bold and quirky, encouraging consumers to explore their sense of style and imagination. The new brand colours are natural, earthy and confident. An evolution from the previous magenta and lime, colours such as aubergine and forest now take centre stage.

This new identity, use of colour, photographic style and design now work in tandem to deliver a bold and eccentric brand.

To celebrate the launch, we hosted intimate press briefings with the top publication houses to tell the brand story and present the stunning new lifestyle imagery. The Kersaint Cobb team proudly introduced each area of the rebrand and explained how the changes are in reaction to a fast-moving industry.

From the softness and warmth of wool to the exciting texture of seagrass, wood, jute, coir and sisal, the collections reflect the beauty of the natural world. While the brand moves into a new era, the products maintain the same quality and character that has defined Kersaint Cobb since its inception.

For more information and to view all the ranges, visit www.kersaintcobb.co.uk.

For press enquiries, new imagery or expert comment, contact kersaintcobb@hillgatepr.co.uk.

Rhian Roe