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Thu Feb 21 2019

'A Fortnight of Tears' by Tracey Emin at White Cube

Tracey Emin - 'Fortnight of Tears'

Tracey Emin - 'Fortnight of Tears'

Tracey Emin - 'Fortnight of Tears'

This month, Tracey Emin returns to London to unveil her powerful new work entitled "A Fortnight of Tears" at White Cube Bermondsey.

The artist shows no holding back in her latest work - filling the 5,440m2 of space with neon signs, paintings and 50 self-portraits taken with a phone during different times of inner turmoil. The exhibition focuses on Emin's own memories and emotions arising from loss, pathos and despair.

Previously know for her deeply personal works, such as her iconic piece "My Bed", Emin continues to share her life's pains through multiple mediums in this exhibition, including three large scale bronze sculptures. As always, Emin does what she does best and the exhibit serves as a window into her deepest, darkest times laying bare for all to see.

Tracey Emin: A Fortnight Of Tears runs from February 6 - April 7 at White Cube Bermondsey, London.

Luke Pilkington