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Fri Sep 21 2018

Es Devlin Creates Roaring LDF Installation

Es Devlin: Please Feed the Lions

Es Devlin: Please Feed the Lions

Please Feed the Lions is surely set to be crowned the installation with the most footfall and undoubtedly the most Instagram posts of this year’s London Design Festival. The interactive installation in Trafalgar Square is the brainchild of Es Devlin, known for her innovative sculptures that fuse light, music & tech.

Set in between the four, stoic, 150-year-old lions at the base of Nelson’s column is a new member of the pride. Unapologetically fluorescent, this red lion roars poetry and the words fed to it by the public, which are shown on LEDs in its mouth during the day, then projection-mapped over the lion and onto Nelson’s Column itself at night. The project follows a year-long collaboration between Es Devlin and Google Arts & Culture.

Helen Knight