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Tue Dec 12 2017

Is Pantone's Ultra Violet the Marmite of the Interiors World?

Pantone's Colour of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

It's that time of year again when Pantone release their infamous ‘Colour of the Year’ and the interiors world whips into a frenzy over the long awaited chosen shade. This year’s elected colour is Ultra Violet, a vivid blue based lavender purple that evokes images of Prince and Cadbury’s wrappers alike. As the Marmite of the interiors world, it seems to have polarised opinion throughout the industry. Whatever your feelings are on the subject, the colour is guaranteed to be prominent throughout 2018, so here are a few need to know insights.

As mentioned, the colour itself is a blue based violet purple intended to evoke images of all things magical and mystical. Throughout history, magicians & witches have often been associated with the colour purple. Apparently, this is because violet has the highest frequency and smallest wavelength of all colours, resulting in many mystics seeing it as a spiritual shade. Pantone has also highlighted the natural associations of the shade. Not only are there more purple flowers in nature than any other colour, but purple is a shade often associated with natural healthy foods such as aubergines, plums & grapes, meaning we often relate it to natural environments. Lastly, the shade is one associated with unconventionality. From Prince to Bowie, icons of originality throughout history have represented the shade in their bold fashion choices.

So why has this mystical colour been chosen? According to Pantone, humans are ‘searching for meaning’ now more than ever. Pantone have described ultraviolet as a natural next step to greenery, going deeper into our desire to reconnect with the earth, but on a spiritual level.

The office is definitely divided over the choice, but what do you think?

Alice Mercer