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Thu May 24 2018

Vispring Appoints Hillgate

Hillgate is pleased to announce that the British heritage brand, Vispring has appointed the agency to handle its PR.

Founded in 1901, Vispring is the home of bespoke, luxury beds and mattresses. Valuing excellence and craftsmanship it brings together the finest in British design and materials to create the ultimate sleep experience.

Always a pioneering brand, Vispring’s founder was the first to introduce individually pocketed springs to mattresses. Today it remains at the forefront of luxury as its bespoke beds combine technical expertise with the finest natural ingredients.

Every Vispring is made individually to order and entirely by hand. It invests in its master craftsmen who have passed down intricate technical skills from generation to generation. These expertise ensure timeless quality and resilience. Each bed is upholstered with the finest, natural materials which have been carefully chosen to provide the best in comfort and support. From Shetland wool and British cotton to Vicuna and cashmere each ingredient is chosen to create a bed that is hypo-allergenic and breathable.

Vispring is committed to its responsibility to the environment, because of this, every material is sourced sustainably and is fully biodegradable. All timber comes from responsibly managed forests, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

For more information visit Vispring at vispring.com

For image requests, product loans and expert comments please do not hesitate to contact Emily Robinson or Helen Knight at Hillgate PR on 020 7384 2476 or vispring@hillgatepr.co.uk