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Latest News – LDF 2014 | Exploring the V&A

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V&A Museum, Hillgate PRThe V&A is always one of the main hubs of London Design Festival with an assortment of installations, displays and projects created by some top names in the design and architecture business. This year was no different and some of the more notable projects, such as the Double Space for BMW designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby were created to live amongst the existing art and architecture of the eponymous museum.

We hunted down some of the most creative projects on display and below is our round up of those not to be missed.

Double Space for BMW, Hillgate PRV&A Double Space for BMW, Hillgate PRDouble Space for BMW – Precision in Motion

Barber and Osgerby (the design duo behind the Olympic and Paralympic torches for 2012) have once again aligned their names with innovative, thought provoking industrial design through this immersive sculpture housed in the grand Raphael gallery within the V&A.

The kinetic sculpture, created in conjunction with BMW aims to distort the viewer’s sense of perspective while taking in the cartoon paintings within the space. Two mirrored structures revolve at different paces, sometimes in conjunction with each other, sometimes against each other, to create a series of reflections of everything and everyone in the room. “The visitor becomes part of the room for a fleeting moment” say the duo, “inviting the viewer and the gallery to be part of the performance.”. Want to see the installation in motion? Take a look at our short video of the structures movement.

V&A Candela, Hillgate PRCandela

A collaborative project between product designer Felix De Pass, graphic designer Michael Montgomery and ceramicist Ian McIntyre, this light display brings illumination and illusion to one of the V&A’s darkest spaces, the tapestry gallery. The installation comprises of a large rotary machine which sits in the centre of the room. As the machine revolves it passes through a light source that charges its surface, in turn emitting this energy as after-glow and creating a continual ebb and flow of light, allowing a green hue to bounce around the empty room. See our hyperlapse of the experience, over on Instagram.

V&A Carousel Wall, Hillgate PRV&A Carousel Wall, Hillgate PRThe Carousel Wall

If you visit the V&A through the tunnel entrance from the underground station (and we recommend you do simply to see this) you’ll pass this collaboration between print and design Studio, David David and British manufacturer Johnson Tiles. The mural design, made up of tiled ceramic panels in a bold geometric pattern greets visitors as they enter the Museum and creates a colourful start to the bounds of creative design inside the V&A’s walls.

V&A Wishlist, Hillgate PRThe V&A Wishlist, Hillgate PRV&A Wishlist Desk, Hillgate PRThe Wish List

10 top designer names, 10 emerging talents. The Wish List offers an exciting collaboration between renowned design experience and fresh young craftsmanship. Each well-known designer has nominated and challenged an emerging artist to create that special something that they’ve ‘always wanted in their home, but never been able to find’. From a comfortable wooden seat, to a desk that can be hidden away and a seat with which to perch on and take in the view, these pieces are an amazing display of what happens when two creative minds at different stages in their career come together.

Crest by Zaha Hadid, Hillgate PRV&A CrestCrest

Before you leave the gallery, be sure to take in the tranquil setting of the John Madejski gardens and the beautiful curves of the Crest, a structure designed by Zaha Hadid specifically for the London Design Festival. We could have quite happily pitched up here with our laptops and made an outdoor office for the day, so relaxed was the atmosphere.

What did you think of the V&A exhibits during London Design Festival?